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A Monument of Dutch Clarity - Wessel de Jonge [PDF - 70.2 KB]
The Netherlands Pavilion at the Biennale of Venice was called by the Italian contractor who was assigned the task of executing Rietveld's design in 1953 "exceptionally beautiful, the most beautiful even of all the other pavilions". A certain measure of partiality can of course be expected of a contractor...

Space, light and art - Pieter Singelenberg [PDF - 47.2 KB]
After 1945 in the Netherlands a heated discussion about the Reconstruction arose between the Traditionalists and the Functionalists. The dispute was decided in favor of a moderately modern architectural style, which by 1950 had really come off the ground. Five years later the interest in the 'Delft School' of M.J. Granpré Molière...